5 NGOs You Can Help From Home

5 NGOs You Can Help From Home

By Justine Simonin on 27/05/2020

Written by Alyssa Abel, an experiential education writer who talks about study abroad, student opportunities and life experiences. Follow her work on her blog, Syllabusy.

The current pandemic might have you even more motivated to volunteer, but stuck inside, you’re probably concerned you won’t be able to keep making a difference. Luckily, there’s an online solution — you can partner with a nonprofit that offers volunteer-from-home opportunities.

Become part of the 25% of Americans who give back to their communities and their world. Here are five ways you can give back without stepping outside.

1. The Unique Light Foundation

The Unique Light Foundation is a nonprofit based in Breku-Kasoa, Ghana, providing quality education to children in the area. They partner with schools to provide much-needed resources to girls and teen mothers, empowering them with knowledge about their reproductive health and teaching employable skills. The group also works with children who have visual impairments, providing health screenings and referrals, as well as operating a campaign to bring awareness to avoidable causes of blindness.

If you have free time on your hands and a passion for the web, you can volunteer online by helping the Unique Light Foundation update their website. Keeping their site up to date and functioning allows them to continue spreading awareness and solicit donations to support their incredible work!

2. Talking Through Art

Are you interested in the arts? Talking Through Art is an organization in Kigali, Rwanda, creating art-focused employment opportunities for people with physical disabilities in at-risk communities. Founded in 2015, they currently provide work for around 80 members who create traditional Rwandan art and handicrafts for a fair wage. The organization also offers art and theater therapy, building confidence for members and strengthening their self-esteem.

Although Talking Through Art does offer on-site volunteer opportunities, you can make an incredible difference for them by volunteering from home. To continue their programs, the group needs help writing and researching grant proposals. If you have a computer, you can help them continue their work by volunteering at home.

3. Films 4 Peace Foundation

If you’ve been watching more television and movies while you spend extra time at home, you will enjoy working with Films 4 Peace. The foundation, located in Dhaka, Bangladesh, uses videos to advocate for peace in their society. Founded in 2010, this nonprofit organizes film festivals and screenings that promote values like diversity, peace and tolerance to bring about a mindset shift in their area.

With the ultimate goal of building sustainable peace through movies in their community, Films 4 Peace could always use an extra helping hand. While you may not be able to join the 225,000 Americans who serve as volunteers for development and peace overseas, you can volunteer online by designing brochures and reports for their programs, working on their Facebook page or writing a grant proposal.

4. Believe Mental Health Care Organization C.B.O.

Are you passionate about women’s rights and mental health? As a woman-led group that works towards social empowerment and improving mental health, this nonprofit is dedicated to creating a conscious culture. Through online volunteering, you can donate your time towards their mission of promoting awareness at all levels of society.

The Believe Mental Health Care Organization is looking for volunteers to create a promotional video, help with writing funding grant proposals or design a brochure. Use your skills towards a cause.

5. DEWI Stronger Communities

As a Community Based Organization (C.B.O.) dedicated to building literacy, bridging unemployment and providing development opportunities, DEWI dedicates its efforts to children, youth and women. Through practical and career skills training, school outreach, talent development, and local savings programs, this group works to counter alarming rates of illiteracy, school dropouts, unemployment and poverty in Uganda.

If you’re social media savvy, you can make a difference towards DEWI’s crucial cause by taking 5-10 hours to set up an official Instagram page — which will help the C.B.O reach wider audiences and market their community efforts.

Volunteer Online and Make a Difference

Volunteering is an amazing way to contribute to a healthier, more connected world — and to benefit your own health and happiness. Even if you can’t venture out, there’s no better way to make a difference in the world than to dedicate your time to a worthwhile foundation. Looking for more ways to volunteer from home? GivingWay has many more nonprofits that offer online volunteering options for those who want to help. If you’re interested in giving back from home, check out these online volunteering opportunities and apply to make a difference today.

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