5 Reasons to Volunteer With Animals

5 Reasons to Volunteer With Animals

By Thy Doan on 03/09/2018

Daniel Cooke is just one of the many GivingWay volunteers who’ve had an incredible volunteering experience with animals. In fact, it changed the course of his life!

“Working with the animals and actually making a difference in their lives and conserving their species is so rewarding. It’s inspired me to try make a career in wildlife conservation.”

Whether it’s working with sea turtles, monkeys, dogs, cats, dolphins, and more, there are many animal welfare and conservation organizations on the GivingWay platform that would love to have you.

Not yet convinced? No problem! We’ve put together a list of 5 reasons to volunteer with animals:

1. You are saving lives, literally

Many of the organizations on GivingWay are involved in animal rescue. A lot of animal species nowadays are endangered as a result of hunting, wildlife poaching and trafficking, habitat loss, and pollution. Other animals suffer from abuse and neglect.

This summer has been particularly eventful for RAREC, a non-profit based in the Peruvian Amazon, following the rescue of Bui the orphaned baby manatee. It’s often emotional and intense, but knowing that you have been a part of saving the life of an animal is a once in a lifetime experience (or the first of many in a lifetime!)

rarec volunteer opportunities abroad holiday animals manatee rescue peru amazon jungle

2. You’re helping the planet

Every species has its place in the ecosystem. Protecting species often involves conservation efforts to preserve the natural habitats of animals, helping to keep the natural balance of our planet in place. 

One very important aspect of volunteering with animals is to address the root cause of their issues: humans. For this reason, a lot of non-profit organizations around the world spend time and efforts to educate local communities on animal welfare. Awareness is key!

Esperanza verde organization ngo volunteer opportunities programs projects abroad holiday peru south america amazon jungle rainforest animals rescue rehabilitation wildlife conservation
@ Esperanza Verde International

3. You get to explore some of the most exciting locations in the world!

From the heart of the Amazon rainforest…

Onca organization ngo volunteer opportunities programs projects abroad holiday bolivia south america amazon jungle rainforest animals conservation environment
ONCA Wildlife Sanctuary in Bolivia

… to tropical beaches with clear turquoise water…

Lanta organization ngo volunteer opportunities programs projects abroad thailand southeast asia beach animals vet dogs cats
Lanta Animal Welfare in Thailand

…and even underwater!

Gili shark organization ngo volunteer opportunities programs projects abroad indonesia southeast asia animals sharks fish underwater scuba diving environment conservation wildlife
Gili Shark Conservation Project in Indonesia

4. You get so much love in return

Animals often know when they’re being helped. Understanding their needs can be challenging, and taking care of them takes a lot of patience, but the trust and love you get back usually makes it all worth it!

Here’s a volunteer at Simabo Onlus getting some serious puppy cuddles! This organization in Cape Verde has some 110 dogs and 18 cats in their shelter waiting for volunteers to come!

Simabo organization ngo volunteer opportunities programs projects abroad holiday cape verde africa animals dogs cats rescue

5. You have an incredible story to tell

All our GivingWay volunteers have unique stories to tell!

Volunteer Carla describes her experience in the Amazon with Merazonia Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center as “the best of [her] life”!

“Merazonia is a magical place in the middle of the jungle where you wake up with the noise of the river and you sleep under a sky full of stars. Merazonia is full of incredible things and if you decide to explore every day there is something new to see. The work is unparalleled and the animals are in the best possible conditions.”

merazonia volunteer opportunities abroad holiday animals monkeys ecuador south america jungle amazon rainforest

Sophie from England also had the time of her life saving turtles on the Costa Rica beaches with Latin American Sea Turtles:

“My experience at LAST was one of the best experiences I have had! Although it certainly was something out of my comfort zone, I don’t regret doing it. It opened my eyes to how prominent poaching is, and how important it is for there to be patrols to help. The people and the activities that I had to do made me feel so helpful and supportive to the community, certainly a trip that you come out from realising how much off the world you are normally secluded from.”

What are you waiting for?
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