5 Volunteering Opportunities for People with Disabilities

5 Volunteering Opportunities for People with Disabilities

By Lisa Zigel on 04/11/2018

GivingWay has recently partnered with YooCan, a global community for people with disabilities. This inspired us to talk to a few of our non-profits, and find out which of them would be able to host volunteers with disabilities.

After talking to several of them, here’s a list of 5 non-profit organizations that would love to host volunteers with disabilities:

1. YAAPHA, Tanzania

YAAPHA (Youth in Action Against Poverty and HIV/Aids) was founded by Peter Bundala, a former high school teacher who wanted to create an organization that would help communities in Tanzania become self-sustainable.

YAAPHA has lots of awesome initiatives going on all the time. They put over 1,000 disadvantaged children through school every year, and they run several income-generating projects for the community, including agricultural projects, a fabric batik initiative, and more.

Peter Bundala volunteering Tanzania Africa

Here’s what Peter says about hosting volunteers with disabilities:

“We welcome everyone, including people with disabilities, because everyone has something to share and to give. It’s also important for me to show the children in our communities that people with disabilities can do anything they set their mind to.”

Find out how you can volunteer at YAAPHA >>

2. Kep Gardens, Cambodia

Kep Gardens was founded by Janine Judd, an Australian expat and former teacher. She founded Kep Gardens to help educate children, teenagers and young adults in the community, so they will have a better chance of finding employment in the future.

volunteer opportunities abroad holidays seniors retirees cambodia teaching school

Volunteers help with teaching English, sports, art, as well as any trade skills they have.

volunteer opportunities abroad holidays seniors retirees teaching cambodia

Here’s what Janine says about hosting volunteers with disabilities:

We would welcome people at Kep Gardens with disabilities. We believe it is good for the kids to see that a disability doesn’t mean the end of living your life to the full.

At the moment we are unable to host people with mobility issues, since the volunteer accommodation is at the end of a paddock, where a wheelchair cannot go.

The good news is that we’re planning to renovate our old kitchen and turn it into additional accommodation, which will be easily accessible to people in wheelchairs! So we’ll hopefully be able to host all people with disabilities in the not-so-distant future!”

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3. RAREC, Peru

RAREC was founded by John Garnica, and is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of endangered species in the heart of the Amazon.

Rarec is involved in so many wonderful conservation projects, many of which are focused on rescuing animals that have been orphaned, injured, or smuggled, and rehabilitating them for release. Rarec is also involved in community education, helping communities to find alternative sources of income instead of hunting and poaching.

rarec volunteer opportunities abroad holiday animals manatee rescue peru amazon jungle

Here’s what Kathya (the volunteer coordinator) says about hosting volunteers with disabilities:

“We would love to receive volunteers with disabilities, since we are sure they would have an unforgettable experience, especially caring for the manatees.

Because the terrain is rugged, it may not always be possible to host volunteers with mobility issues, but we’re open to discussing the possibility!”

Find out how you can volunteer at RAREC >>

4. Latin American Sea Turtles (LAST), Costa Rica

Latin American Sea Turtles is dedicated so the conservation of sea turtles in Costa Rica.

Volunteer abroad college student rescue sea turtles

Most of their efforts revolve around patrolling for nesting mothers on the beach, and relocating the nests to keep them safe from predators, poachers, and natural elements.

Volunteer abroad college students rescue sea turtles hatchlings

Here’s what Nicki (the volunteer coordinator) says about hosting volunteers with disabilities:

“We have hosted disabled volunteers that have helped us out in the hatchery, with beach cleaning, and with plastics separation. The night patrol on the beach may not be suitable for people with mobility issues, but we’re happy to work around most other things!”

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5. Tinguaco, Colombia

Tinguaco was founded by Diana Jimenez, who started Tinguaco in her family’s home in a small village near Bogota.

Givingway colombia volunteering south america tinguaco

Tinguaco is aimed at helping provide support to families in the community by offering an after-school framework. During this time, the children do homework, and participate in creative workshops.

Tinguaco is also working on creating a sustainable-income project for the community, based on weaving techniques.

non-profit project bracelet weaving gift tinguaco givingway volunteer

Here’s what Diana says about hosting volunteers with disabilities:

I have considered accessibility for disabled individuals in our rural project. We don’t have any experience working with the disabled but would love to contribute to the volunteering community if this is something that would add value and help others be a part of it.

Because of our location, being in the mountains, we might need extra resources for transport and such things for people who have mobility issues, so maybe this is something that we can facilitate with some extra planning!”

Find out how you can volunteer at Tinguaco>>


Be sure to watch this space for additional updates on volunteering opportunities for people with disabilities!