#10MillionTrees Planting (Help to Restore Uganda's Lost Forest Cover)

#10MillionTrees Planting (Help to Restore Uganda's Lost Forest Cover)

Campaign by Zero Waste Amazing Projects Foundation - Kampala, Uganda
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About this Campaign

The ten million trees growing idea was triggered by the increasing pressure on environment and natural resources despite their importance in ensuring environment security and social and economic growth.

It’s unfortunate that Uganda’s forest cover has sharply declined, from 4.9 million hectares (24% of the country’s total land area) in 1990 to less than 1.8 million hectares (9% of the country’s total land area) in 2018, a reduction of 57% in just 25 years equivalent to an average loss of approximately 122 000 hectares per year. This majorly attributed to biomass for fuel cooking/combustion (about 90% of Ugandans use fire wood and charcoal for cooking) with other auxiliary drivers such as expansion of agricultural land, sporadic urbanization and industrialization and inadequate incentives for private plantation forests, income poverty, ignorance, poor intra and inter sector coordination with regards to continued issuance of land titles in wetlands and reserved forests. Other challenges include encroachment, illegal harvesting and titling.

The very hurting issue is that those in position to put this danger on halt are not seeing any harm it may cause, but only busy enjoying the narrow benefits for the day today. This is a very big threat on human life and sustainable development in the near future; And now we kindly request you to join us to restore and maintain Uganda’s lost forests and the green environment.

To grow #10Milliontrees in every round of three years by planting 3.5 million trees every year

To Restore and maintain Uganda's Lost Forest & Green Cover

-To restore the country’s forest and green cover by planting more than 20 million trees by 2026 targeting 3.5 million trees every year.
-To sensitize communities and mentor the next generation to appreciate, love and take care of the environment as an individual’s responsibility, personal asset and life contributor. #conservationisourresponsibility
-To improve on the household healthy values by creating easy access to nutritional fruits and information in schools and public places.
-To make environmental science practices easy and normal for alsmost everyone.

The project is divided into three phases;

PHASE1. Conservation my responsibility; this is a period of educating, sensitizing and cause awareness to the public that nature and environment conservation is every living person’s responsibility and we should grow trees for the better of our future of our children. It will be a time of setting up nurseries, spotting tree growing lands or spaces, a time of building partnerships, buying and distributing seedlings and registering interested growers. With projected help and the technical and seedling support from NFA, NEMA and other local and international seedling raisersand foresters.

PHASE2. I am concerned; this is a period where planting is kick-started. Here planting and growing experiences will be share on our sites, social medias, print and TV publications to encourage more other participants to come in.

PHASE3. We recognize you; this is an event of recognizing, appreciating, awarding and praising best performers in tree planting and growing around the country.

OUR APROACH focuses on small-scale and grass-root communities that can be supported and empowered to spearhead and expand nursery set up and management, tree planting, growing and maintenance within their grounds.
The project methodology follows a step-by-step approach which begins with;
-Mobilizing resources and stakeholders,
-Selecting, Training and guiding participants on how to design, establish, and manage their nurseries and trees (nursery setup & tree planting),
-Monitor and evaluation and then
-Graduating participants (Planters).

Use of Funds

Our fundraising target is 186,800$ this amount will help to run the baseline survey, introducing nurseries, mobilization and sensitization etc and the details are as below.

1. Baseline survey and selection of groups; (Transport costs to do consultation with schools, NGOs, community groups , local leaders, etc. Designing selection criteria, Field visits to selected nursery sites, data collection and analysis). Costing 7,700$

2. Introducing Nurseries; (Here the selected 12 groups; 3 in Wakiso, 2 in Kiboga, 1 in Mityana, 2 in Luweero (Northern region), 2 in Jinja (eastern region), 2 in Masaka (Western Region) will be trained to establish and manage tree nurseries, Purchase or hire land, equipment and tools for nursery set up, purchasing seeds and allowances for the nursery managers). The projected cost is 39,600$

3. Public Mobilization and Sensitization; (Holding community/public workshops and seminars, Radio and TV talkshows, News publications and other printed materials). The cost is estimated to be 29,300$.

4. Purchasing additional seedlings and distribution process (we may need about 150,000 additional seedlings). The cost for seedlings and distribution process is 80,800$

5. Planting support (Facilitating labor and seedling protection eg purchasing barbed wire) 3,500$

6. Project Administration cost and Personnel allowances 18,000$

7. Awarding and recognition 7,900$

By donating only 10$, you are providing two seedlings (one fruit tree and one emission absorbing tree) to the community and also taking care of them for a period of more than 350 days .
By planting these trees, you and I are deeply benefiting the communities to naturally Purify polluted air and water, Providing cool environment, Breaking wind, Reducing energy consumption for house cooling, Providing food for humans and animals, Increase on household income etc;
Therefore your donation towards this project will cause a forever living impact to the participant communities and beyond.

Feel free to contribute via Mobile Money on +256776186355 and +256702186355

You are our backbone, we pray you stand with us to reach this goal. Every cent counts.

Thank you.

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