Sea Turtle Emergency

Sea Turtle Emergency

Campaign by Latin American Sea Turtles - San Jose, Costa Rica
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About this Campaign

Due to travel restrictions to decrease the spread of COVID-19, almost all of our international volunteers and volunteer agencies have cancelled their visit to our sea turtle conservation project in Pacuare (Caribbean, Costa Rica) . Our organization depends mainly on volunteers to patrol the beach and save vulnerable sea turtle nests. The fees they pay and their donations are our main source of funding to operate. In addition, our main ally organizations are facing the same problem and they will not be able to support us.
We no longer have the income to pay the 6 local staff hired to patrol the beach. They will lose their jobs and they will not be able to provide for their families.

The main threat for our sea turtle nesting beaches is through illegal poaching and predators. During normal times, this would be mitigated by our staff and volunteers patrolling the beaches each night. However, the Costa Rican authorities have now closed all beaches to the public, meaning that we have just our key local staff of one biologist, and two research assistants struggling to patrol 7 km of beach to save as many nests as possible.

If we are not able to fund this project we will have to close it for this year. Without the project, it is likely that 100% of all eggs and nests will be taken by poachers and sold on the black market, which would be a devastating blow to sea turtle conservation.. This means losing an average of 9000 baby turtles .
Please help as much as you can!

Join us in saving the next generation of sea turtles!

Use of Funds

Every dollar will count as we struggle to protect the beach, and vulnerable nests from poachers and predators.

$10 Would keep communication lines at the project open via mobile data
$25 would provide cooking gas for one month
$50 Would provide materials needed to relocate 2 nests
$75 pay for equipment for the patrol (red LED headlamp, waterproof backpack, and waterproof field forms)
$150 Would provide a weeks salary for a local community member
$300 Provide a staff member with 3 meals a day during one month
$600 Pay for a month of boat transportation
$900 Pay a month’s salary for the biologist

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