6 Volunteer Opportunities for Sports Lovers

6 Volunteer Opportunities for Sports Lovers

By Nicole Gur on 13/12/2018

If you are a sports fan and want to combine it with your volunteering trip, we have 6 great options for you!

  1. Fountain of Good Sport Community Foundation, Zambia
  2. ATeam Fitness Lifestyle NPO, South Africa
  3. MITS Program, South Africa
  4. ANOPA, Ghana
  5. SportsWorks Int’l NGO, United States
  6. One Bike Tanzania, Tanzania

1. Fountain of Good Sport Community Foundation

Where: Zambia

The fountain Good Sport Community Foundation (FOGS) is a Zambia based youth led NGO, founded in 2017 and working for the promotion of childrens rights and survival in the region. FOGS through sport seeks to inspire, coordinate, mobilize and connect young people and provide with effective solutions to address the issue of Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) for adolescents and the youths, as well as offering a network of support for key populations. They operate in the headquarters in Mpika district.

FOGS is looking for sport coaches, facilitators, mentors, trainers, fundraisers, web designers, social workers and health activists.

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2. ATeam Fitness Lifestyle NPO

Where: South Africa

The A –Team Fitness Lifestyle is a Not for Profit Organization founded by team coach John Claude Maphosa in 1999 in the quiet location of Cosmo City. The A Team was established with a multi- prong purpose. It seeks to develop individuals who want to follow an amateur or professional career in sports in; Body building, Lifestyle fitness, Boxing, Soccer, Aerobics, Athletics, Volleyball, Arts & Culture etc.

Programs and Events:

1. A-Team Gym Senior Citizens
A fitness and lifestyle program designed around the physical needs of senior citizens and the physically disabled. Attendees are registered with the clinic based at the Cosmo City Multiplex hall and meet every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

2. Boys & Girls
An after-school care and study program for Grade 8 to Grade 12 students that offers a chance to do homework with dedicated assistant teachers. This service is run daily Mondays to Fridays providing children with a safe environment where they are able to concentrate on their education with minimum disruptions.

3. Pregnant Mothers Clinic Visits
There are a number of pregnant women who visit the clinic.

4. 2nd Cosmo Classic and Kiddies Olympics
This is an annual event that provides school soccer and netball teams from schools around the area an opportunity to test their athletic abilities.

5. Food hampers for the general public

Learn more about ATEAM Fitness Lifestile NPO>>

3. MITS Program

Where: South Africa

MITS Program was establish by a group of locals passionate about sports and education and use sports to empower the community.
Their core functions are:
1. Training young unemployed youth as sport coaches and assisting at partner schools.
2. Daily health and fitness programs for members of the community (Spinning, Bootcamp Aerobics).
3. Daily Physical Education programs at their partner schools (currently there are 20 local and 10 international volunteers).
4. Managing After school sport leagues and crime prevention programs for the 70 schools in the community (Table Tennis, Girls Football, Basketball, Golf and Athletics).
5. Quarterly events for school and community based Grade R (5-6 years old).

Volunteers will assist local coaches with physical education and sport at their partner schools (6 – 14 years), they will assist with after school sport leagues and or coaching sessions (Golf, Table Tennis, Basketball, Girls football) and  they will be able to assist with their daily health and fitness programs for adults (Aerobics, Spinning, Bootcamp)

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4. ANOPA (Agoro Ne Obra PA) Project

Where: Ghana

ANOPA- Agoro Ne Obra Pa– means playing for a better life in English. It is a sports for development project which started in 2010 as a German Government initiative in Cape Coast,Ghana.
After 2015 when the sponsorship from Germany finished, the project was registered as an NGO with a partner NGO in Germany called ANOPA e.v.
ANOPA uses sports as a tool for individual development, promotion of gender equity, mobilization, community engagement and peace building among others. ANOPA uses sports such as swimming, volley, taekwondo, soccer,basketball and handball to accelerate development within various communities. The main sports ANOPA uses as a problem solving approach or tool is swimming.

They need volunteers for sports coaching (swimming, volleyball, soccer, martial arts, basketball etc.). They are also looking for teaching and administration help including managing emails, driving sponsorship, minutes and report writing and more.

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5. SportsWorks Int’l NGO

Where: United States

Established in 2005, SportsWorks is an award-winning faith-based sports and education nonprofit that serves children in need and at-risk youth. They are non-partisan and non-denominational in the delivery of their programs. Their mission is to provide sports instruction and training to children ages 5-18, help them become better students in the classroom, and equip them with life skills that will enable them to become healthy and productive citizens.

SportsWorks is seeking volunteer athletic coaches for soccer, basketball, tennis, and flag football. They are also looking for online volunteers- they are looking for skilled fundraising and development professionals who will raise funds for SportsWorks through grant proposals, corporate sponsorships, peer-to-peer fundraising, crowdfunding, social media, digital marketing, email marketing, landing pages, content marketing, e-newsletters, direct mail appeals, and phone calls.

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6. One Bike Tanzania

Where: Tanzania

One Bike Tanzania is a small organization with common interest and common objective to help the community. Their cycling interest brought them together as youth and developed the need to make a difference and an impact in the community – in their own way… ONE BIKE.
Their vision is to transform lives by aiding and supporting health and education services within communities – One Bike at a time.
Their mission is to support and improve lives of individuals and families by providing access to health services and education .
One Bike entails their united spirit to cycle and spread awareness, joy and responsibility. Bike riding gives freedom to the rider. It is about being outside, feeling the wind and experiencing the sights and sounds of life in the city or countryside!

Volunteers at One Bike Tanzania are teaching in schools and education institutions. They visit sick people in hospitals and help and support them in different ways. They cycle with sick people and help them with quick recovery through cycling as physical exercise.

Volunteers will also get to work and interact with their youth workshop students and will take part in their cycling weekend activities and events to raise fund for supporting their projects (eg. Cycling around mount Kilimanjaro or cycling to different sources of tourists attraction).
Their programs are available throughout the year and you can stay for any length of time.

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