6 Volunteer Opportunities in Nepal

6 Volunteer Opportunities in Nepal

By Thy Doan on 10/07/2018

Ever dreamed of a trip abroad to South Asia that combines a meaningful travel experience and cultural immersion? Nepal is the place to go!

Below are 6 volunteering opportunities in Nepal on GivingWay that are really popular with GivingWay volunteers and other international travelers:

  1. Ecoreach Foundation
  2. Human Harmony Nepal
  3. Mithila Wildlife Trust
  4. Maya Universe Academy
  5. Nepal Friendship Society
  6. Himalaya Organic Farm Nepal

Nepal is the perfect travel destination to get in touch with nature. Mountains, forests and plains shape the lifestyle of Nepali people across the country. Rural communities are particularly vulnerable, and for this reason, many non-profit organizations operate in rural and underdeveloped areas. This means that travelers have many opportunities for making a positive impact through volunteering while in Nepal.

With so much to do, there are plenty of ways to grow and to really make a difference. Volunteers can earn experience and skills in a variety of fields: education, agriculture, wildlife and conservation work, construction, sustainable development, community outreach, and more.

Most organizations from Nepal on the GivingWay site can arrange homestay accommodation for volunteers, who get to experience the country in the most authentic way with a friendly, loving family. Sometimes volunteers even go back to Nepal later on to visit their second family!

Volunteers’ skills are a valuable resource for education and development in Nepal. To this end many non-profits on the GivingWay platform are seeking volunteers to help them empower the Nepali communities. Here are 6 of them:

1. Ecoreach Foundation

Where: Kathmandu, Nepal

Volunteer activities: Agriculture, construction, community outreach

olunteer opportunities abroad holiday nepal kathmandu construction building agriculture farm teaching children school women empowerment community development

Based in the capital of Nepal, Ecoreach Foundation is a non-profit organization that promotes sustainable development in rural communities. Ecoreach uses the local resources to upgrade traditional farming into organic and eco-friendly agriculture. The organization also implements education and awareness projects to empower the farmers and their families.

The Ecoreach initiative started in 2014 to improve the overall quality of life of disadvantaged communities using tools and knowledge that are already available to them. The foundation focuses its efforts on teaching valuable and useful skills rather than giving money and material goods.

volunteer opportunities abroad holiday nepal kathmandu construction building agriculture farm teaching children school women empowerment community development

At Ecoreach Foundation, volunteers are needed in all of the organization’s spheres of operation. Those who are manually skilled will enjoy working on the community farms and building mud huts. Volunteers are also welcome to contribute to community development projects, such as teaching English to children, empowering women, and raising awareness about hygiene and nutrition.

“I spent two weeks [at Ecoreach] and each day was a new best day of my life.

Volunteering in Ecoreach has opened me up to cultures outside of my own and shown me what it means to be a productive member of a community. Through this organization, I have had the opportunity to personally witness a change in the lives of the communities. With sustainability and conservation being the number one goal for all projects, Ecoreach does amazing work to empower marginalized groups.”
— Flora from the United States
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2. Human Harmony Nepal

Where: Kagatiguan, Nepal

Volunteer activities: Education, community outreach, construction

volunteer opportunities abroad holiday nepal kathmandu education teach children school community development women empowerment environment healthcare agriculture farm construction

Human Harmony Nepal is a relatively new non-profit organization founded in 2017 to serve the village of Kagatiguan. Because of low education levels and socioeconomic conditions, the 5000 inhabitants of the village struggle to overcome challenges of day-to-day living.

Human Harmony Nepal supports the people of Kagatiguan through various community development projects, ranging from education to women empowerment and construction. Addressing and solving the community’s issues also implies a mentality shift, which can be challenging at times.

volunteer opportunities abroad holiday nepal kathmandu education teach children school community development women empowerment environment healthcare agriculture farm construction

If you have teaching, public-speaking, or manual skills, then Human Harmony Nepal needs you! You can teach English at one of the three local schools, raise awareness about hygiene, healthcare, environment and women empowerment through workshops, or take part in construction projects such as building a school.

In addition, volunteers get to stay with a local family and taste delicious homemade Nepalese food!

“Words to describe my trip? Colourful, heart warming, unique, spicy, beautiful and just vibrant with full of new friendly faces, family and experiences. I taught English in the village school. The kids were enthusiastic and sweet. Some would walk 2 hours just to be there. The village people were so nice and were willing to work with you. [..] I will NEVER forget my time in Nepal and I actually plan on coming back very soon to work with the village and see my family again.”
— Meg Landry from Canada
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3. Mithila Wildlife Trust

Where: Janakpur, Nepal

Volunteer activities: Wildlife and conservation work, construction

Mithila Wildlife Trust was created in 2013 by a group of experts sharing one common mission: to protect the nature and wildlife in Nepal, especially in the  Dhanushadham Protected Forest in Southern Nepal. They achieve their goal by preserving and improving the biodiversity.

The organization also includes in its vision campaigns to raise awareness among the local community about environment conservation and animal welfare. Other activities include forest restoration, wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, animal care, research, bird watching, field trips, and more.

volunteer opportunities abroad holiday nepal conservation wildlife environment animals

Attention to all nature lovers: many interesting volunteer projects at Mithila Wildlife Trust are waiting for you!

Volunteers are needed to clear a pathway in the Dhanushadham Protected Forest that will serve both as a fireline and a nature trail for tourists. They can also help with the construction of enclosures and recreate the natural habitat of the king cobras and the crocodiles.

Moreover, the organization needs dedicated volunteers to help build a primary school for children. They can lead the construction team and become mentors for the local community to counter the very low education rate.

“I have just made some unforgettable memories [at Mithila Wildlife Trust]! [It is located in] the Tarai part of Nepal which is full of possibilities, forests and beautiful people. I was there for nearly two and a half weeks and I stayed in the forest house. I got perfect accommodation, food and company. There are many things to do and to see. A perfect place for an enthusiastic volunteer and a solo traveler!
— Niladri from India
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4. Maya Universe Academy

Where: Byas, Nepal

Volunteer activities: Education, agriculture, construction

Maya Universe Academy was founded in 2011 to make quality education accessible to children in rural Nepal. The organization firmly believes that quality education, which is an issue in public schools, should be affordable to all children, especially the ones from disadvantaged communities.

Since its creation, Maya Universe Academy has established three schools in three different communities, changing the lives of over 400 students. The organization has other projects on the side, all directed towards sustaining the schools and helping the children reach their full potential.

volunteer opportunities abroad holiday nepal teaching education children school agriculture farm animals construction

If you are a qualified teacher and you would like to improve education standards in rural Nepal, then you should apply to volunteer with Maya Universe Academy!

The organization is also looking for volunteers willing to lend a hand in various projects aiming at financing the schools, such as animal farming, agriculture, and handicrafts.

“We stayed at Maya for 1 month helping in, but not limited to, agriculture and construction. From the very start the locals welcomed us warmly and the children are always smiling, laughing and eager to socialize. The work we performed was at times demanding, mostly because it was HOT for us, but there was never any pressure on us. […]

But more importantly it was a brilliant opportunity to learn through love and to learn that less is more. What more can we say but it was an unforgettable experience for us and we will always hold Maya in our hearts!”
— Lars & Romina from Australia
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5. Nepal Friendship Society

Where: Chitwan, Nepal

Volunteer activities: Education, women empowerment, community development

 volunteer opportunities abroad holiday nepal teaching education school children environment conservation sanitation youth women empowerment community development

Nepal Friendship Society (NFS) dedicates its work to empowering children and women from vulnerable communities in Southern Nepal, in response to low education levels, gender inequality, child trafficking, and the lack of environmental and health awareness.

The non-profit organization improves these people’s quality of life through education, sustainable development, awareness campaigns, workshops, and skills training. NFS has also established their own Learning Center to provide extra education to children aged 10 to 14 years old.

volunteer opportunities abroad holiday nepal teaching education school children environment conservation sanitation youth women empowerment community development

Volunteers at NFS can really make a difference in the rural communities of Nepal, whether they teach English at the Learning Center, organize community service projects, raise awareness about environment conservation and hygiene, or empower the youth and women through computer and vocational training.

“I came to Nepal a little nervous to travel…. But after volunteering with NFS I have found a new home, new family. […] Birendra and his team go above and beyond to prepare you and make you comfortable. If you have any problem, he will help you. NFS is affecting many lives in the community and doing honest, hard work.

If you are hesitant, don’t be! Nepal Friendship Society is a solid organization with pure intentions, aiming to help the community. You can be a part of something good!”
— Savanna from the United States
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6. Himalaya Organic Farm Nepal

Where: Khotang, Nepal

Volunteer activities: Agriculture, animal care, construction

volunteer opportunities abroad holiday agriculture organic farm animals nature construction teaching education children school

Himalaya Organic Farm Nepal is a community based sustainable farm established by a team of environmentally conscious farmers to encourage the practice of sustainable agriculture in Nepal, a country where 88% of the population reside in rural areas and whose lives revolve around agriculture.

These farmers wish to expand their vision to all the villages in Nepal so that the country can benefit from organic farming: healthier natural food, less pollution caused by chemical fertilizers, safer water supplies, protection and improvement of biodiversity and ecosystems, and so on.

At Himalaya Organic Farm Nepal, agriculture volunteers can challenge themselves in many ways, whether they want to acquire more knowledge and skills in specific farming practices (vegetables, fruits, coffee, dairy, poultry, etc.), animal care,  agritourism, or research.

Interested volunteers can also participate in projects that serve the community, such as teaching English to students, playing with the local children, as well as building schools, temples, new homes, walking trails, etc.

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