7 Ways You Can Help During COVID-19

7 Ways You Can Help During COVID-19

By Justine Simonin on 19/04/2020

Written by Molly Crockett, a marketing and business expert for Ukwritings. She gives managers tips on how to better optimize their business practices. She’s also a writing teacher at Academized, where she teaches young people how to develop their writing and research skills

As we feel the strain and uncertainty from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), there’s still that question that some people want to ask: “How can I help?”

Although social distancing has changed our way of life drastically, we can still be moved to do something. Here are seven ways you can help, despite the conditions that we face today.

  1. Run Errands for The Elderly

People over 70 are more likely to get sick. However, this shouldn’t stop us from loving and supporting the elderly for weeks and months ahead.

“We need to see that our elderly is safe and tended to,” says Cooper Strachan, a project manager at Australianhelp and Oxessays. “If they need groceries, then offer to pick them up at the store. Do the same with their prescriptions, which is a common necessity for them. You can even give them a call, if it’s your grandma, your neighbor, or whoever you normally communicate with.”

Also, older people still need to be active. This could mean making sure that they have plenty to do at home, like hobbies and interests (books, knitting needles and yarn, etc.). Having stuff to do can take their mind off from being isolated during these hard times.

  1. Donate Meals to The Needy

Now, more than ever, food banks are urging people to donate. As people lose income due to social distancing, they are going to need help, when it comes to food and other essentials.

All you have to do is find your local food bank and give them a call to see which items they’re needing. And, if you donate, do it safely. But as always, give what you can.

  1. Become A Blood Donor

Like food, blood donations are desperately needed. If you are a regular blood donor, donate as usual, so that stock levels are healthy and well-prepared for the future. Also, keep in mind the extra safety measures that are in place due to the pandemic.

  1. Support Restaurant and Bar Employees

Although restaurants, bars, and pubs are closed, there are other ways to support businesses, even if it is virtually. With smaller businesses being more vulnerable to negative financial impact, consumers are asked to either virtually tip to employees, or order online (delivery or takeout).

  1. Support People on The Frontlines

As soon as the pandemic subsides, we will have a lot of people to thank for being on the frontlines – doctors, nurses, police officers, firefighters, grocery store employees, sanitation workers, delivery people, teachers who have turned their homes into virtual classrooms, and so on. Although there is not much to do to thank them at this time, you can still show your gratitude by posting to social media on how much you support them, or by posting a heartfelt message on your door or window.

If you want to go out of your way to give these people something, make sure that you do so safely, and make sure everything is clean.

  1. Find Ways to Virtually Connect And Volunteer

“Nonprofits are always looking for new volunteers,” says Archer Rossi, a communications manager at Stateofwriting and Boomessays, “and with the recent pandemic, the landscape of volunteering has shifted more towards virtually helping those who have been affected by COVID-19. […] Social distancing shouldn’t stop you from helping out, but volunteer virtually.”

You can volunteer online on the GivingWay platform for the organization of your choice among the 5,000 organizations from 100+ countries registered on the website. GivingWay is currently offering the larges catalog of online volunteering opportunities. Prospective volunteers can filter opportunities by location, cause, tasks etc.

  1. Support the Global Cause

Mutual-aid networks are starting to form, as COVID-19 continues to affect the world. As communities and organizations come together through these networks, people can post their needs like groceries, pharmacy runs, or even rent money, or people can answer these posts to help someone out. Find your local mutual-aid network or feel free to start your own.

Nonprofits worldwide also set up COVID-19 relief funds that you can donate to or fundraise for. Organizations registered on GivingWay are also fundraising for specific projects. If you wish to help them, you can browse through current projects in need of funding here.


At this difficult time of COVID-19, it is important to think about yourselves and others. Now is the time to reach out to people and help build them up to where they will not feel alone during this pandemic. And, by spreading love and hope virtually, you will be changing lives for the better.

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