WARNING: You will want Costa Rica on your Bucketlist after you see THIS!

WARNING: You will want Costa Rica on your Bucketlist after you see THIS!

By Brittney Hofbauer on 07/06/2018

After 2 weeks of adventure and meaningful work saving turtles, take a peak of what this group of volunteers experienced at Latin American Sea Turtles (LAST) in Costa Rica…



Firstly they had to take a boat into the grounds of the NGO. Look at the jungle…


jungle last


And their grounds!😲


last palm trees


grounds at last


sitting at beach




How is it even more beautiful from up top!?


last laguna


drone of last


Pictures and videos shot by Cameron Smith


All the animals they saw in the wild, looking all cute.😍



Look closely!



Do you see the sloth?


cute crab

Should we call him Sebastian?






Learning about sea turtles and how to save them, mind-boggling!




teaching on screen




what a group!

The lovely group of volunteers at LAST


And actually searching and saving sea turtles and their baby hatchlings!


Sophia searching

Sophia all excited searching for turtle eggs!


Last Hatchery

How the hatchery looks, where they protect the eggs.



Do you see the volunteers in the background?


searching for eggs

Keep searching, everyone!


thank you!


And of course, living like a local, relaxing & having fun!😊


group of volunteers

GivingWay Group (from L to R): Mark, Sophia, Mathias, Levi, Karleigh, and Andreas


volunteering relaxing

Zigi chilling!


playing soccer


local family


hammock last


last cards

Karleigh and Mathias playing cards!


Here’s a look at the mini-video we put together of the GivingWay Group to Costa Rica!

If you are curious or have any questions,  feel free to reach out to any of the volunteers who went on this trip.

We also have another group going in June, learn more here, c’mon and help save the sea turtle babies🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢

If you can’t go in June, then no worries. You can check out all our other groups and see if there are others that suit you better.