Hygiene is the best weapon against Corona

Hygiene is the best weapon against Corona

Campaign by Little light Uganda - Kampala, Uganda
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About this Campaign

Hygiene is the most effective weapon in the war against the Coronavirus.
But what happens in poor populations where the disgrace of hunger is so real and terrible? Hygiene is pushed to the bottom of the priority, and every single income available is preferred for food = instant survival.

Little Light Uganda is a non-profit organisation, meant to empower underprivileged communities from Namuwongo Slum in Kampala, Uganda and currently supports over 300 families.
Little Light operates several programs, such as: education, sponsorship, health, youth group and women's empowerment group among others.

The Covid 19 epidemic has made us realize that it is our responsibility not only to give our community the full donations, but also to raise awareness of hygiene as a preventer of many diseases.
Therefore, for every 50$ donation we will purchase for the families one kilo soaps.

Use of Funds

100% of donations comes straight to the hands of our community living in Namuwongo slum!

1. Deliver essential items to struggling families and older individuals in
Namuwongo slum in Kampala

2. Feed children that rely on School Meals as their only source of

3. Support hygiene awareness efforts

4. Take a child to school

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