Heal & Empower with Solidarity Eden Foundation

Heal & Empower with Solidarity Eden Foundation

Campaign by Solidarity Eden Foundation - Kampala, Uganda
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About this Campaign

As the world goes through both economic and healthcare crisis caused by COVID-19 Pandemic, our program was not left behind. We were forced to temporarily suspend day-to-day programs as of the government directives to avoid the massive spreading of the virus. As of practice right now, most institutions have shifted activities online with the aid of technological infrastructure however this is still a barrier to most refugees who do not have access to these facilities.

As the country, Uganda announced a total lockdown and curfew countrywide so that people can isolate themselves, most of our participants and families have been heavily affected by this. This means they cannot easily access educational, emotional, social support and interactions with their fellow refugees. Our participants have been hit by inflation, hunger and shattered interactions to the economy since most of them relied on small businesses in order to feed their families which are unfortunately closed at the moment.

Use of Funds

We are therefore launching this 1000 USD fundraising campaign in order to provide food assistance to our 70 families. We are planning to provide 05 Kgs of cornflour, 5 kgs of beans and 2 bars of soap.

As this puts us into a test of togetherness while apart, we believe we can together heal and empower during this period of uncertainty and bring hope back to our affected adults and youths.

With just 15$ you can be a hero to one family during this crisis and able to feed 4+ people here in Kampala, Uganda.

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