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Endangered Wildlife Conservation Organisation

KAMPALA, Uganda, Africa
Endangered Wildlife Conservation Organisation is a registered grassroots nonprofit conservation Organization in Uganda. EWCO works to ensure the delicate balance between the environments; biodiversity conservation and sustainable development in communities around protected areas in Uganda. our mission is to promote biodiversity and wildlife conservation through community engagement, recognizing the importance of engaging people in protecting wildlife, while supporting sustainable development using a holistic and multi-disciplinary One Health approach both of which are critical for the conservation of wildlife. We have a wildlife conservation and health monitoring,Research and conservation program that works to promote conservation of endangered wildlife with emphasis on the great apes(gorillas) , African elephants , Amphibians and other endangered wildlife throughout the entire home range while addressing all ecosystem issues that sustain co-existence of wildlife, humans, and ecosystems. Our goal is to Mainstream biodiversity conservation into development policies, plans and projects to deliver the co-benefits of