GivingWay Groups Lets You Volunteer Abroad with Others

GivingWay Groups Lets You Volunteer Abroad with Others

By Lisa Zigel on 07/03/2018

GivingWay has connected over 27,300 GivingWay users with almost 2,000 non-profit organizations in over 115 countries!

Being able to witness how these connections lead to meaningful volunteering experiences for so many people around the world has made a very real impact on the GivingWay team.
We are constantly inspired by our wonderful community of volunteers, which pushes us to do everything we can to make the GivingWay platform even better, so that volunteering abroad will be accessible to anyone who wants to travel and do good.

We are especially proud of our latest feature which now lets you volunteer together with a group of volunteers: GivingWay Groups!

GivingWay Groups Launch

A few months ago we launched GivingWay Groups, which allows our users to volunteer together with specific non-profit organizations in a more structured and organized way. GivingWay’s most fundamental principle is that connections are made directly between volunteers and non-profits – and in that sense, GivingWay Groups is no different. As with individual volunteering, it is up to non-profits participating in this feature to set up all the group details: each group has its own set start and end dates (some Groups may be flexible with the end dates) and usually includes pick up/drop off at the nearest airport or another set location, orientation, accommodation and meals. Some groups may also offer excursions, trips and cultural immersion activities (you can check out all our active groups here).

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When we first launched, we started off with 3 groups – South Africa, Thailand and Cambodia – and the response was overwhelming. Our Facebook posts about the groups were shared almost 5,000 times, liked over 2,500 times, and people started tagging their friends like crazy. Non-profits were contacting us day and night, asking us to set up groups faster than we could create them.
We knew we were on the right track to solving a real issue for people who want to volunteer abroad.

So we set up more groups! There are currently several active groups, with more being added every day.

Are GivingWay Groups Right For You?

GivingWay Groups are right for everyone: students, families, retirees, and everything in between. People of all ages and occupations have registered for groups across the world.

Not yet convinced? Here are a few more reasons:  

  • Social interaction
    Traveling brings adventure, fun and thrilling experiences, all of which create connections and friendships that can last for a lifetime! Volunteering in a group allows you to appreciate the same experiences and adventures together.
  • Cost-effective
    The larger the group, the bigger the discount you can get for transportation, food and accommodation.
  • Self-growth
    Traveling with others gives you the opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and open yourself to new people and their perspectives, teaching both patience and tolerance.
  • More Structure
    Instead of you having to organize everything individually with the non-profit organization, when you join a GivingWay Group, a lot of these arrangements are already set up. As mentioned above, Groups have set start and end dates, and often include airport (or set location) pick up/drop off, accommodation, and meals. Groups may also include orientation, group tours, and additional extra-curricular activities with other group members.
  • More Impact
    Different people means different skill sets! When you volunteer with a GivingWay Group, the non-profit organization benefits from a wide variety of abilities and talents that the group members bring with them.

How Do I Join a Volunteering Group?

  • Decide which GivingWay Group you want to join.
  • Once you’ve decided that you want to join a group, you need to apply (click the Apply button on the Group’s page).
  • Your contact at the non-profit organization will answer any questions you may have.
  • After your application is approved, you need to register to save your place (GivingWay takes a small, one-time handling fee upon registration).
  • You will also be invited to join a private Facebook Group for this specific GivingWay group to start getting to know the other volunteers!

GivingWay Volunteer Groups in Spring 2018

  • Costa Rica
    Assist biologists with the data collection and research of endangered sea turtles, including night patrol and safe relocation for nests, and turtle rescue.
    Dates: April 23 – May 7
    Non-profit: Latin American Sea Turtles
    Apply Now >> (This group is almost full!)
  • Nepal
    Teach English, Computers and other subjects in a rural village school.
    Dates: April 29 – May 29
    Non-profit: EHN Nepal
    Apply Now >> 
  • Brazil
    Engage in conservation and biodiversity work, including mammal tracking and inventory, tree inventory, grounds maintenance and more.
    Dates: April 29 – May 29
    Non-profit: Biodiversity Research Institute
    Apply Now >>

GivingWay Volunteer Groups in Summer 2018

  • Thailand
    Combination of hands-on volunteering and cultural learning experiences, including planting trees, building water dams and assisting teachers.
    Dates:June 3 – June 16
    Non-profit: The Life Development Center
    Apply Now >> 
  • Cambodia
    Improve literacy skills with Cambodian students of all ages.
    Dates: July 8 – July 21
    Non-profit: Kep Gardens Association
    Apply Now >> 

    South Africa
    Assist teachers in rural schools near Cape Town, and help to coordinate local outreach programs.
    Dates: July 15 – August 4
    Non-profit: One Heart Christian Foundation
    Apply Now >>

  • India
    Live on an organic retreat and engage in reforestation of an extremely unique tropical evergreen forest
    Dates: July 1 – July 14
    Non-profit: Sadhana Forest India
    Apply Now >>

Would you like to travel with a group to a particular destination? Let us know in the comments below!