How Much Should You Give to Charity?

How Much Should You Give to Charity?

By Justine Simonin on 25/05/2020

Written by Ashley Halsey, a professional writer. She is a mother of two and enjoys traveling and reading in her spare time when she is not attending business training courses. You can find her featured at Dissertation Writing Services UK.

Looking to help change the world? Donating to charities is incredibly impactful and something most of us can do within our own capacity. So why not see for yourself how you alone have the power to make a difference in someone’s life and the world at large.


Figures and Statistics 

In 2018, around $427.71 billion was given to charity by American citizens alone, while companies give up to 2.4% of their profit to charities. It was recorded that up to 65% of households in the United States donate to charity each year, and this is not just coming from the wealthy and most privileged. While being able to give to charity is a privilege that not everyone can afford, it is not the amount that matters the most, but rather the act of charity giving itself. As little as a couple of dollars can make a difference. With this information in mind it is important to remember that any donation you make counts towards an organization’s goals and helps them out hugely, so do not think that unless you can contribute X $ it is not worth making a donation. It is always worth it.

Take a Look at Your Finances

“Before making a donation you need to make sure that you are financially stable” writes Maria Wilson, a lifestyle writer. “Look over all your bills, taxes, mortgage, and any other payments you have lined up, and if you are able to cover those costs while keeping some money saved then make an informed decision on whether you want to make a donation.” Charity giving should never be a financial burden. When looking over your expenses, there might be some secondary expenses that you could cut back on, such as unnecessary subscriptions (we all have those!), then maybe make a donation with the newly saved up money. There is often room to cut back somewhere!

Make Charitable Goals

While donations are always greatly appreciated, it is a good idea to single out what sort of charity you want to support. Do your research and investigate different charities so you can determine which one to choose. It is also important to look closer into how charities use their proceeds. To learn more about different organizations looking for funds, you can visit the GivingWay website where you can easily research and choose a charity to donate to from anywhere around the world. With 5,000+ charities from 110+ countries on the platform, and thanks to a built-in search engine, GivingWay offers an easy and efficient to find the best charity to support. You can also search by location and cause.

One-Off Payments or Regular Donations?

Depending on the time of year, many organizations can receive an influx of donations at one time. These one-off donations are incredibly beneficial once or twice a year. However, making a donation at a regular occurrence is the way to go to significantly help an organization make a difference. With regular funds being received, a charity will be able to better plan for the future and establish sustainable projects. Being a regular donor to a charity will help them stay afloat for the entire year. By spreading your donation across the year it can better support the organization’s activities on the ground.

Personal Choice

When deciding to make a donation, it is also important to remember that charity giving is a deeply personal choice. Nothing should make you feel “forced” to donate or feel any kind of negative feeling if you decide not to donate. “Many of us have other financial constraints that we need to attend to and have an obligation to pay before thinking of giving to charity” writes Jay Monroy, a nonprofit blogger. Yes, donating is a beautiful and helpless gesture, but it is equally important to be able to support yourself and be financially healthy. If you find an organization that meets your core values and whose work matters to you, then make sure to help however you can while remaining financially reasonable.

Alternative Ways of Giving

Money is not the only way to give to charity. There are other ways of being charitable. Not every contribution has to be monetary! Volunteering is a great way of showing your support as most charities are always in need of a few helping hands. Giving your time and energy is just as important as giving money. Online volunteering for example is a great way to support an organization and it is so easy! All you need is some free time and an internet connection. Visit GivingWay to find an online volunteering opportunity suited to you among the hundreds of available opportunities; writing, social media, teaching, web work… You name it! Additionally, any volunteering activity (online or onsite) constitutes a valuable experience for any student or professional.

Whatever you decide to do, donating to charities, whether with your money or your time, will make all the difference!

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