Reasons Why Volunteering in the Philippines Can Be Very Satisfying

Reasons Why Volunteering in the Philippines Can Be Very Satisfying

By Nicole Gur on 05/03/2020

Written by Frank Stovall is an avid traveler and adventurer. As the active public relations manager for XO where one can book a flight on private jets in an instant using XO’s software.

“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile” –Albert Einstein.

The choice to become a volunteer in a foreign country can be a very personal one and is often backed by a variety of reasons. For some people, volunteering offers a direct path into their sense of purpose, and for others, it serves as a gateway to a world of adventure. Regardless of the motivation behind it, volunteering has its share of rewards and challenges.

The Philippines is one of the most sought-after volunteer destinations. Besides the numerous and unmet needs of the Philippine people in terms of medical care, food, clothes, and better infrastructure, the Philippines, with its beautiful beaches and breathtaking scenery, will give you that once in a lifetime adventure you so crave.

While you can easily travel to the Philippine on your own, find a school, hospital, or community that needs a volunteer and become involved, it is recommended that you go through an organization that will help you make the best choice regarding where and when to volunteer. GivingWay is one such organization.

Over the years, GivingWay has brought hope to the Philippine people by connecting volunteers from all over the world to people, organizations, and communities that need help. From supporting schools, educating local communities, eradicating poverty, and saving the Philippine environment, GivingWay has, through the help of volunteers, responded to the existing human needs within the Philippines and worldwide. 

Why are You Interested in Becoming a Volunteer?

What drives you to want to volunteer? Is it a strong irresistible desire to make a change in society? Are you looking for something to live for? Are you seeking adventure? Bored with life and looking for something to jumpstart you-make, you feel alive again?

Whatever your reasons, volunteering in the Philippines could be the best decision you ever get to make. 

Through volunteering, you tap into the needs of your inner self by responding to the needs of the people around you.

In a country like the Philippines, the act of volunteering can give you an extraordinary and life-changing experience- one that you will carry with you throughout your entire life. 

8 Reasons Why volunteering in the Philippines is Very Satisfying

  1. Connects You to Other People

While volunteering in the Philippines, you get a chance to connect with the people, learn a different culture, language, and tradition, all while making the world a better place. In the process, you will expand your network and enhance your social skills.

  1. Good for your Overall Wellbeing

Volunteering in a foreign country like the Philippines could serve as the best remedy for your physical and mental health issues (if any). As you dedicate your time and energy towards serving the Philippine people, you will experience a sense of wholesomeness and gratitude, helping you release feelings of stress, anger, and anxiety that may have previously overwhelmed you. 

  1. You can Learn New Skills

As you give back to Philippine society, you also get to learn skills that could define the career path you choose to take. For example, volunteering as a counselor in a school or hospital within the Philippines could sharpen your counseling skills, making you excel even without proper formal training. 

     4. Boosts Your Confidence

Responding to the needs of the vast Philippine communities will invoke in your feelings of accomplishment. You may also begin to develop a sense of pride and identity. This will automatically bring about overwhelming positive feelings towards yourself, boosting your confidence and self-esteem.

  1. A Sense of Purpose

In the worlds of Mahatma Gandhi, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

Everyone is looking for something to live for; to wake up to every morning- something that sets their hearts on fire. Volunteering in the Philippines could be the solution to your unsettled sense of purpose. Once you get in touch with your purpose, you may experience an overwhelming urge to devote yourself to service to other people-hence changing the world, one day at a time.

  1. Advance Your Career

If you are considering a new career, volunteering in the Philippines could help jumpstart you towards your dream career. You will get to practice important workplace skills such as teamwork, communication skills, time management, project management, and problem-solving. Your volunteer experience may also help you decide whether or not pursuing your dream career is something you want to proceed with.

  1. Increases Your Social and Relationship Skills

As you meet new people, learn about Philippine culture and create lasting friendships, you will be sharpening your social and relationship skills. Your experiences in a different culture, far away from home, will help you understand just how important it is to embrace diversity and respect other people for who they are and what they stand for.

  1. Adventure

Who doesn’t want some abroad adventure? Traveling to the Philippines will offer you a chance to experience a new and exciting culture, warmer climate, and meet new people. You will get a renewed sense of creativity and motivation, both of which are useful for your personal development.

You must now be wondering how you can get involved in volunteer work in the Philippines. It is really not complicated. Just sign up with GivingWay, and let us know what your interests are and in which field you would like to become involved.

By volunteering in the Philippines, you get to build yourself up through giving back to the community. The skills, knowledge, and experience you can acquire as a volunteer will not only help you become a better version of yourself but also leave you equipped with values that will last a lifetime. In the Philippines, a volunteer experience will go beyond giving you a coveted opportunity to travel abroad; it will enable you to appreciate the beauty that lies in diversity and, most importantly, pushes you towards the pursuit of the most important things in life.