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Volunteer Opportunities in Nepal

Volunteer Opportunities in Nepal

For anyone wishing to consider volunteering opportunities in Nepal, it is one of the most unique and inspiring places in the world. From the iconic Himalayan mountains to the medieval sites of Kathmandu and Bhaktapur, Nepal offers a truly enriching and memorable experience. Throughout Nepal, there are numerous activities available as one of the many benefits of volunteering. Go paragliding or kayaking against a backdrop of sacred scenery, or alternatively discover the Tibetan heritage and the many Buddhist and spiritual retreats when volunteering in Nepal.

Volunteer Abroad with Local Non-Profits

Volunteer in Childcare

Rainbow Volunteer Club

We care for children and we wish to provide a colorful childhood and bright future.

13 Reviews

Moonlight Foundation Nepal School

We are a charity working to benefit education for needy children

1 Review

Volunteer in Disaster Relief

The Learning Center

We believe education is the essence of all opportunities. With this belief we founded TLC to provide educational opportunities to serve underprivileged children so that they are given the chance to change their future through education

2 Reviews

Ecoreach Foundation

“Give a helping hand to those who need it”, this is the slogan of our foundation

6 Reviews

Volunteer in Teaching related activities

Nepal Friendship Society

We are an NGO based in Chitwan, Nepal that helps poor and marginalized children by supporting and promoting their education. We believe the promotion of education and gender equality can change the world.

2 Reviews

Maya Universe Academy

The mission of Maya Universe Academy is to improve access to quality education in rural communities in Nepal through a free private school education. It is a response to the failed public school system and unaffordable price of private schools.

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Volunteer in Women Empowerment

Ideal Society Nepal

Ideal Society Nepal is working in the field of vulnerable youth mainly the women and girls to building their physical, mental, moral and employment capacities, and together raising awareness for basic healthcare, safety and security, social reforms and environment protection.

4 Reviews

EduVision Foundation

We work with the objective of transforming Nepal, starting with our mentoring program for underprivileged children in 2009. These kids have now passed high school and are living as caring, loving, socially-responsible youths working with us on other projects. We are spread all over Nepal, and were honoured as being one of the top three youth projects in sustainability in the world. We are currently running the Environment Cup Inter-school Competition, with the goal to mobilise 100,000 students in the 10 major cities of Nepal.

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How to Volunteer in Nepal

How to find volunteer opportunities in Nepal

There are numerous volunteering opportunities available in Nepal, many of which focus on community projects aimed at promoting integration, well-being, enhancing learning and education, as well as tackling health and social care issues. At the moment, help is still needed to rebuild the country following the devastating earthquake of 2015. The ethical issues in volunteering are important to consider but make it an incredibly worthwhile and enriching experience. Locations vary, with many teaching placements located within schools in Kathmandu enabling you to experience the local area and participate in a variety of activities in your spare time. Traditional farming and permaculture is a popular option in more rural areas of Nepal, such as Gerkhu in the southern Himalayas.

Best time to volunteer in Nepal

The type of activities you are looking to do during your volunteering experience in Nepal will depend on the best time to visit. The winter months tend to be very cold, with temperatures often reaching below zero. The advantage of this is the lower amount of tourists; however, many outdoor activities are likely to be closed out of season. Early autumn, throughout October and November, is a great time as the weather is warmer for enjoying the sunshine and activities, enabling you to explore many of the medieval cities or temples. The spring season is beautiful and warm also, with many activities running, but beware of Nepal's infamous monsoon season which starts brewing in May, taking place during the months of June, July and August where it is likely to rain most days, causing landslides and flooding which could disrupt your travel and plans. Generally, hiking and trekking is possible throughout the year providing you prepare well for the weather during any particular season.

Essential information about Nepal

When it comes to visa and documentation needed in order to volunteer in Nepal, the process is very straightforward. Visas are issued upon arrival, providing you fill in the forms as a tourist visa request which will be issued as 15, 30 or 90 days. You also have the option to extend your tourist visa up to 150 days within a calendar year. For a tourist visa, you will need passport photos and foreign currency (preferably US Dollars) to pay the visa fee which is approximately $40 for a 30 day single entry visa or $100 for a 90 day multi-entry visa. The main currency would otherwise be Nepalese rupee, with it currently being about 102 rupee to the dollar. The cost of living is fairly inexpensive with a meal costing around 400-500 rupees. Many languages are spoken in Nepal, but the main language is Nepali.