New Year’s Resolution: 3 Ways to Make an Impact Next Year

New Year’s Resolution: 3 Ways to Make an Impact Next Year

By Aviv Hochbaum on 27/12/2016

It’s hard to believe that yet another year has almost come to an end.

  1. What a year.

For many, the time nearing the end of one year (and the simultaneous beginning of another one) is usually spent reflecting on all that was, and making some new decisions, AKA New Year’s Resolutions, for things that we would like to change or do differently.

We all promise to eat healthier, spend more time with friends and family, follow our passions, sign up to the gym…and a list of other changing promises. Don’t get me wrong – these are immensely important to our wellbeing and our inner happiness.

But we’d like to throw in another idea to the mix of New Year’s Resolutions.

In the spirit of reflecting and making note on all that was, GivingWay also joined this important tradition and ventured back. The outcome was the realization of the biggest highlight of our past year.

Since we’ve introduced the GivingWay platform, our community grew with more nonprofits, NGO’s and charities. This exciting growth was coupled with more and more volunteers who decided to venture out into the volunteering world. We noticed that something truly inspiring and meaningful began to take shape.

We’ve celebrated Good Deeds Day and having over 200 organizations join the platform (now we’ve reached over 300!); we’ve marked International Volunteers Day, and Giving Tuesday. Throughout the year the one thing that stood out most was the power of the community, and the tremendous effect that each community member had in making every single step and event so momentous.

If there is one thing that we here at GivingWay can conclude is the highlight of our year – it would be  realizing just how powerful a community can be, and how important each individual’s unique contribution is.

Many times, when we reflect, we don’t always remember to look beyond ourselves and to understand that we also, constantly, touch and leave our mark on others. This is a great time to ask: “What power do I have to contribute? How far can my contributions reach? How exactly can I make more contributions in the year to come?”.

To answer these questions – consider making a part of your New Year’s Resolution about Giving Back.

Overwhelmed with possibilities on how you can help?

Consider the following:

3 Ways to Make an Impact Next Year.

 1. Donate to a cause you believe in.

There are countless organizations worldwide that are working hard to make truly big things happen, in various fields. Sometimes, the resources are just not enough and many find themselves struggling to make ends meet, and to continue with their projects.

Any donation can help! You can check out some of these organizations to see if there are any that you would like to support (even today!) >

2. Volunteer your online skills.

One of the wonderful things about the intricate online world, is that it allows us to connect with even the remotest of communities for different purposes. How does this have to do with Giving Back? Well – how about considering to offer some of your online skills to communities abroad? In just a few simple steps you can look through different organizations that are requesting help with tasks that can be done completely online. All you need is a computer, some free time, and the desire to help.

For a list of organizations you can help online go here>

For more information about anything and everything “volunteering from home” check this out>

3. Travel abroad and volunteer with local communities.

The time when you decide to sit and write down your New Year’s Resolution can also be the perfect moment to start thinking and planning a volunteer journey abroad. If you’re already in the process of finalizing your next trip abroad – a great addition to your experience can be taking some time to volunteer with a local community. If no plans are yet in store, what better time to start planning! We all have skills to offer – and matching these specific skills to organizations who could benefit from them can be a truly incredible and special way to spend time abroad.

Convinced? Go here to start >

And there you have it! 3 ways you can add some Giving Back to your New Year’s Resolution, so you can continue to make a difference in the new year that is soon to come.