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Volunteer Opportunities in Peru

Volunteer Opportunities in Peru

Volunteering in Peru is a travel experience different from all the rest that will prove to be engaging, exciting, and incredibly unique. Named “land of abundance”, Peru stands as a crossroad between an unimaginable history, incredible nature, and powerful mining and textile industries. Volunteering opportunities can be found in both urban centers or rural experiences in villages or the mountains. Fields of activity range from education, particularly teaching English, to agriculture and wildlife conservation.

Volunteer Abroad with Local Non-Profits

Volunteer in Animal Care

Esperanza Verde International

Esperanza Verde is a wildlife rescue center and conservation project based in the Amazon jungle.

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Quechua School

We help children and their families teaching values, languages and motivating sports. We carry out healthy tourism, valuing its culture and caring for nature; we promote research and programs in vulnerable communities.

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Volunteer in Childcare

Agape Hand

AGAPE HAND is a legally registered nonprofit organization that works for disadvantaged children, the environment, empowerment, culture, education, youth development, job creation and some other projects.

19 Reviews

The Light and Leadership Initiative

We are a close-knit family of volunteers working with the community of Huaycan, Peru to provide empowering educational classes and workshops to women and children.

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Volunteer in Conservation Work

Unidad 4x4 de Ayuda

We are an organization of volunteers with 4x4 vehicles to bring Humanitarian Aid and logistic support to people in need when emergencies and disasters happen in remote, isolated and difficult to access places not reached by aid and emergency services

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Somos una Organización de la sociedad civil, sin fines de lucro legalmente reconocida como una ONG’D privada, aconfesional y apartidista. Nuestro principal objetivo es contribuir en la Promoción del Desarrollo Humano, Social y Sostenible en el Perú, para lograr así la Integración social; la disminución de los niveles de pobreza, de desigualdad, la injusticia social y la falta de oportunidades para los peruanos. Una de nuestras muestras mas significativas de identidad organizacional, se refleja en el proceso de la realización de nuestras actividades, programas y proyectos que ejecutamos con una mirada integral en el marco de los objetivos del Desarrollo Sostenible O.D.S, trabajando de la mano con la comunidad en el cumplimiento de los objetivos marcados.

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Volunteer in Teaching related activities


**Currently looking for Toddler Coordinator (with subsidy!)** We believe that every child has the right to qualitative education, focussed on personality development, regardless of their own capabilities and limitations and regardless of the place and culture in which they grow up.

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Sharing Dreams Project

Sharing Dreams Project is a volunteer-driven non-profit organisation that works directly with the most vulnerable inhabitants of the Peruvian Andes. We run various volunteer projects.

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How to Volunteer in Peru

How to find volunteer opportunities in Peru

Peru has incredible cultural practices and distinct natural and historical landmarks, that turn any volunteering opportunity to an enriching experience. You’re a traveller, but your engagement with everything around you means you can safely let go of your Lonely Planet copy and let yourself learn about this place on your own. Peru has a great deal to offer: from social enterprises in small communities that are making a huge impact, to long standing nonprofits working their way through deep change - this place is all about innovation and revelation. Research and understand what you’re looking for and what you’re interested in offering to Peru. Rest assured - this place will return the favor.

Best time to volunteer in Peru

With one of the most varies climates on the planet, there’s no bad time to travel and volunteer in Peru. Summer in Peru starts in December and continues throughout February, and winter comes in July and lasts to September. The division in more by wet/dry times and Peru’s steep changes in altitude make no two places similar in temperature and humidity. This makes the best time to volunteer in peru to depend upon the area (and height!) of the nonprofit you’re headed to.

Essential information about Peru

If you’re planning to volunteer in Peru, it would be great to start working on your Spanish - but know that Peru is a multilingual nation with several aboriginal languages. The average daily cost when traveling is $129 per day, but if you are traveling on a budget costs can be much lower. While volunteering, each nonprofit organization has a different arrangement in terms of offering food and accommodation so costs may change accordingly. In most cases, tourist visas in Peru hold for 183 days and volunteers do not need any special visa. With that, it is always recommended to check out the website of Peru’s Department of Foreign Affairs.