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Volunteer Opportunities in Tanzania

Volunteer Opportunities in Tanzania

Home to Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in AfricaTanzania is a land of national parks and reserves. Travellers who dare to venture the depths of this magnificent country can experience unspoilt nature, such as the mighty Serengeti and the breathtaking Ngorongoro crater.

Volunteers interested in embarking on a meaningful travel can choose to support many local causes. Vulnerable communities in Tanzania are still struggling with challenges in the fields of education, healthcare, agriculture, childcare, and more. Even with these daily struggles, Tanzania continues to be one of the few nations in Africa to be politically stable.

Volunteer Abroad with Local Non-Profits

Volunteer in Animal Care

TAPO - Tanzania Animals Protection Organization

A non profit organization dedicated for the improving the health and welfare of animal

Hockey Hearts Organization

The Hockey Hearts Organization Improves the lives of vulnerable children in Baraa - kwamrefu Village, by creating a bright future through our provision of health, education and social support.

9 Reviews

Volunteer in Childcare

Brighthope children organisation

A school for vulnerable children. We intend to support those children by giving them bright future and hope through education.

1 Review

New Chapter Development for Youth

We are empowering vulnerable children, Youth, women and people with disabilities.

4 Reviews

Volunteer in Conservation Work

Nakupenda Tanzania

We are a young, dynamic organization based in Ilboru Arusha.

6 Reviews

Youth In Action Against Poverty and HIV/AIDS

YAAPHA (Youth in Action Against Poverty and HIV/AIDS) is a non-profit organization working in Tanzania mainland. Established in 2010 and got registered in July 2011, YAAPHA operates in Kilimanjaro, Tabora and Kigoma Regions.

28 Reviews

Volunteer in Teaching related activities

Science Teacher Association Of Tanzania *STAT*

we support science education to teachers and student in Tanazania

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We believe that a child’s future success and advancement in life is greatly influenced by their early educational experience as those who have go to school early develop an interest in education more than those who have not participated in early learning education. We need helper.

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How to Volunteer in Tanzania

How to find volunteer opportunities in Tanzania

Visitors who enter Tanzania for volunteer work get to experience Africa at its best. With plenty of safaris and protected wild life reserves, it’s difficult not to see Africa’s big five in their glorious natural habitats. With more than 126 local languages, volunteering in Tanzania allows travellers to experience unique tribal cultures and customs. The country offers a long list of diverse volunteering opportunities. Health care nonprofits are in constant need of people who can provide general care and help them combat the spread of HIV. Youth programs in Moshi, Dar es Salaam and Mwanga are popular among volunteers who help spread awareness about HIV, provide healthcare and conduct elementary school classes.

Best time to volunteer in Tanzania

Tanzania does not experience four seasons; it actually has a dry season and a wet season. The country experiences two rainy seasons, one between October and December and another one that starts from March and ends in May. The temperature during the dry season can set the mercury soaring above 35 degrees Celsius. The best time to visit Tanzania is between June and August when the day time temperature remains relatively cool.

Essential information about Tanzania

People interested in joining volunteering projects abroad must possess the right travel documents. Volunteers can enter Tanzania with a tourist visa but on arrival, they need to apply for a class C volunteer permit. The permit remains valid for 3 months and costs $200.

Tanzanians in urban and semi-rural areas can communicate in English. However, many Tanzanian citizens can only understand and speak Swahili. Apart from Swahili, there are about 126 other languages spoken by locals residing in various parts of the country.

Being a tourist destination, Tanzania is not as cheap as some other African countries. A three course meal for two at a mid-sized restaurant can cost about $25.