The Personal and Professional Benefits of Online Volunteering During Social Distancing

The Personal and Professional Benefits of Online Volunteering During Social Distancing

By Justine Simonin on 16/04/2020

Written by Alyssa Abel, an experiential education writer who talks about travel, educational and career opportunities and life experiences. Follow her work on her blog, Syllabusy.

As we navigate the current COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever to give back. Millions of healthcare professionals and essential workers face the frontlines throughout this situation. However, even if you are not part of that force, you can take action. Find dozens of ways to provide support online for organizations across the globe.

Take a look at the advantages of online volunteering amidst the coronavirus outbreak – and how you can get started.

The Many Perks of Volunteering

When you help others or contribute to a cause, you feel a sense of accomplishment and contentment that revitalizes your mental health. You are also able to advance your career further through various connections and opportunities.

Personal Benefits

Many people around the world don’t enjoy basic privileges like we do – whether that’s access to clean water or proper education. Through a period of uncertainty, even an afternoon spent to enhance these resources may renew and re-energize your sense of purpose. Those who give back often report that they feel more satisfied as a result of their actions. You could also gain:

  • a higher self-esteem
  • lower anxiety levels
  • increased confidence
  • a passion for philanthropy

Though you’re unable to volunteer physically at the moment, you can make a difference online. If you feel unproductive or unhelpful due to self-isolation, a virtual program may be what you need to achieve a positive outlook. When you help others, you put forward your best self and make a meaningful impact.

Professional Benefits

In addition to personal benefits, volunteers can develop their professional lives as well.

As a volunteer, you will be able to connect with various leaders and experts. Many young people use these opportunities to discover possible career paths. You may also want to seek out ways to advance your current position. For example, you could develop distinct global ties to conduct business worldwide. In any case, you can expect to build relationships.

Similarly, you will find that you’re able to gain new skills and knowledge. You may be able to edit college-level papers, but as a grant writer for a nonprofit, you can further those abilities beyond measure. This expertise translates to many facets of your professional life. Plus, almost all employers like to see a bit of volunteer work on a candidate’s resume.

Of course, these advantages apply to students as well. If you plan to apply to college, virtual volunteering hours can make a substantial difference. Like companies, admissions boards understand the importance of giving back. They also acknowledge that there is a lot to learn as a volunteer. As a result, those experiences set you apart from other prospects.

Whether you choose to volunteer for personal or professional purposes, you’re sure to enjoy a ton of benefits.

Ways to Volunteer Online with GivingWay

These days, you will find many virtual volunteering programs. GivingWay hosts a variety of online volunteering opportunities from nonprofits worldwide. The platform provides descriptions and details about each opportunity, and the possibility to offer your help in just one click. Currently, GivingWay offers several ways to help people around the globe.

For instance, you may want to create Facebook posts for the Cameroon Development and Education Foundation. They are a youth-led group that works to support Cameroon citizens throughout different communities. You could write a grant proposal for Train & Travel with Women for Africa, which trains women on how to become tourism specialists.

If you prefer to teach lessons about certain subjects, GivingWay provides those opportunities, too. You may want to help Vidya Poshak, an Indian NGO that strives to eradicate poverty through education. You can also choose to teach Thai children as you work with Thailand Teach, a foundation that helps citizens access school and work-related opportunities.

Demonstrate a lesson on any topic, whether you want to talk about art, history, or sports. You could stick to writing and researching as other ways to help, as well. In any case, it is important to do your part! GivingWay offers plenty of online volunteering opportunities that you can browse and research before you make a decision.

Consider Virtual Volunteering Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

Learning how to volunteer online comes with dozens of benefits – both personally and professionally. If you want to give back to make a difference, consider dedicating your free time to a worthy organization.

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