Top 6 Reasons to Volunteer Abroad Through GivingWay

Top 6 Reasons to Volunteer Abroad Through GivingWay

By Arielle Grinshpan on 12/03/2019

So you’re ready to volunteer abroad! You want to go on an exciting journey and make a big positive difference through a nonprofit. Incredible! 🙂 Now you just need to decide where, when and how. The best option is to do it through GivingWay.

Why? Good question! Get ready because here are the Top 6 Reasons to Volunteer Abroad through GivingWay:

1. Incredible Variety 

GivingWay has about 2,000 nonprofit organizations in 120 countries on our platform! Of course there are plenty of awesome nonprofits on our site with fantastic options to volunteer with children and animals, and GivingWay also has all kinds of unique and out-of-the-ordinary opportunities: such as the chance to teach hip hop in Nepal, empower women to make artisan crafts or perform tadpole research at a Biodiversity Research Institute in Brazil. You could take part in organic gardening in an Eco Village on an organic farm in Columbia or study dolphins on a boat in Italy! Yes really. There are so many options! Whatever you want to do, you will be sure to find an opportunity to do it through GivingWay – as well as amazing possibilities you didn’t even know existed :)!

A volunteer at Human Harmony Nepal transports a bale of hay 🙂

2. Total Transparency

GivingWay believes in total transparency, especially when it comes to money. This means that if you volunteer through GivingWay and end up spending some money (you might not – more on that soon), you will know exactly what goes to the nonprofit and what goes to GivingWay. We take pride in being 100% open and transparent with all our community members – volunteers and nonprofits alike.

At The Leo Project in Sri Lanka, a volunteer helps bathe an elephant

3. Inexpensive…or Free?

If you compare the cost of volunteer trips of other volunteer companies to the fees you will find on GivingWay, you’ll see that there really isn’t a comparison. Unlike the vast majority of volunteering websites that charge hundreds and even thousands (!) of dollars to send volunteers abroad, GivingWay is built as a marketplace that cuts out the middlemen and enables volunteers to connect directly with nonprofits that need them. On GivingWay you will find many nonprofit organizations that offer low or even no-cost volunteer opportunities! The low fees charged by some nonprofits are there to simply cover your accommodation and meals (read more about it in our Help Center), and there are even nonprofits that additionally cover those costs for you. As well, unlike other marketplaces that charge a subscription or registration fee in order to search opportunities and contact nonprofits, at GivingWay we believe that this information belongs to the public so we do not charge any such fees – you can browse, search and connect with nonprofits on our platform entirely for free!

A volunteer at the Biodiversity Research Institute in Brazil sees a small frog while taking pictures

4. Flexible 

Most of the nonprofit organizations on our platform don’t have set dates for when volunteer trips start or end. You set the day, month, time and how long your volunteer trip is.  Whatever’s best for you! 

Volunteers read a book to a child at Fundacion Arte del Mundo in Ecuador

5. You Can Volunteer Online

You’d love to go on a volunteering trip, but don’t have time at the moment to leave town? You can also volunteer online from the comfort of your own home! Nonprofits need and would love to have the help of writers, graphic designers, social media experts and more to aid them with tasks like creating their websites and raising funds! You’ll get to help a fantastic cause while gaining lots of experience. 

A volunteer and child at Youth In Action Against Poverty and HIV/AIDS in Tanzania

6. Biggest Impact Possible

In the end, it’s about you having an unforgettable experience while having the biggest positive impact possible on those in need at a nonprofit organization. Because GivingWay directly connects volunteers with nonprofits, there’s a clear dialogue so the chances of pairing volunteers with the right nonprofit and the most fitting projects are greatest. That means the best fit and experience for you!

You’ll be able to feel good knowing your efforts and money are going directly to a community and cause you care about and that you’re having the strongest effect you can. Just check out the feedback of the nonprofits on our platform and the reviews of our volunteers who have literally had the best time of their lives, made connections and helped these nonprofits immensely.

With growing grassroots nonprofits, there are limitless opportunities to truly make a change and help these nonprofit organizations thrive. 🙂  

Volunteers and children hold hands at Pyunli in India


So what are you waiting for? Sign up today with GivingWay and get going on your mission to make a great difference and have an unbelievable trip of a lifetime!