Volunteering Update from the Maya Universe Academy

Volunteering Update from the Maya Universe Academy

By Lars and Romina on 23/06/2016

We found the Maya School project on GivingWay, a website that connects volunteers and projects without charging any placement fee. This is a rare find and we have been personally in touch with their Israel based community manager. GivingWay does a great job and anyone wanting to volunteer anywhere in the world should have a closer look at their website!

But now more about our actual volunteer project:

When we first read up on the Maya School it said on their website: “It never gets boring here!” This is the best way to sum it all up for there is always something going on. Wether it just be the daily morning circle interrupted by kitten Momo playing around, having to push start the school bus or performing goat castrations. Being the only two volunteers for agriculture AND construction at the moment, this means we help with a bit of everything.

We already mentioned a few of the things we’ve worked on so far in our last blog but here is a summary:

– Dig a 2 m deep hole for a septic tank

– Paint window frames and book shelves

– Build trellises and a shade house for cucumbers, grapes and other creeping food plants

– Put rain gutters on the roof of the goat house

– Clean out the goats’ night quarters

– Push start the school bus

– Carrying about 20 sacks of rice weighing about 30-40 kg each on our backs (Te Araroa luckily made us stronger)

– Build a set of stairs out of stones and lay gravel paths

– Help castrating goats (not nice…)

Not to mention the 50 odd children living in a hostel on the school grounds who are always out and about, asking for cuddles and attention. Entertaining them is very simple – even without a truck load of toys. They are the happiest creatures under the sun if you just throw them in the air, tickle them or simply give them some love. And how could this ever get boring?

If you’d like to consider volunteering at the Maya Universe Academy, please check them out here.